CCMA2019, Conference on Challenges in Mathematical Architecture


Aims and Scope

This conference will attract everyone that is interested in applying mathematical methods to problems with application in Architecture. This event aims at being a meeting point for architects, engineers, mathematicians and software developers interested in architectural problems, with significant geometric and mathematical content. This is an initiative of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and it is the first edition of International Conference Challenges in Mathematical Architecture. Theory, Modelling and ApplicationsCCMA2019. There will be invited long talks covering the main topics of the conference. We give also the opportunity to submit a contributed talk or a poster (please follow the instructions in Submissions tab). Attendance to this conference is welcome for researchers and students in Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering.

Topics of this meeting include:

- Mathematical modeling- Computer Aided Geometric Design

- Numerical analysis- Applications to Architecture: Gridshells, Tensile Architecture, etc.

- Discrete Differential Geometry- Energy efficiency and Parametric Architecture.

- Smart Cities and Big Data- Teaching Mathematics in Architecture Schools


Organizing Committee

María Barbero, Fernando Blasco, José Antonio Capitán, Carlos García-Gutiérrez, Ascensión Moratalla, Ester Patiño

Scientific Committee

Ildefonso Díaz, Leonardo Fernández-Jambrina, Juan Francisco Padial, Eugenia Rosado, Sonia Luisa Rueda, Michael Stich



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